Purchasing Properties in Istanbul

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Istanbul is an immense city, with a vast range of housing options. Our wide-ranging real estate selection spans to the city limits on both the European and Anatolian sides of the city. While continent hopping for decades now, we’ve come across the preeminent options for each type of client. From high-end, luxury properties to those smaller in side for those budgeting over the long-term , we guarantee the perfect fit for our clients.

Districts we cover include the up-and-coming, gentrified district of Harbiye, Macka which offers fetching views of the Bosphorus, and in the heart of business-centric Maslak. Our properties range from those tailoring to international finance executives, to areas more appropriate for families, touting the best school systems in Turkey and with nearby green areas and parks to enjoy on sunny days.

For business hubs such as Sisli, we offer luxury apartments that can fit families or individuals. Properties such as these, offering hotel services and usually comprise of two large bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a fully-equiped living room, go for around TL 1,000,000.00. One can easily fluctuate their price range based on room and service expectation, but on average, these are very attractive housing options for our business clientele.

On the other hand, we have options that tailor more to views on the Bosphorus. Whether a historic sea-side villa, or Yali, or a spacious and furnished villa offering great sea views which are surrounded by the forest in districts like Sariyer or Tarabya, you will find price projections around TL 1,800,000.00.

Depending on your prerogative, we will facilitate the perfect fit district for which prices do range from around TL 800,000.00 to TL 2,000,000.00. Smaller housing options in quieter areas close to schools and perfect for families are along the cheaper end, whereas larger, five-bedroom properties close to the sea-side reach the higher end.

For your property interest, we can offer a diverse range of options. Just set up an appointment and we will be on our way sooner than ever to finding your exquisite property.