Property Styles in Istanbul

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Properties in Turkey comprise a wide variety, from your simple apartment-style complex to full-fledge houses. Traditionally, Turkish families reside in larger, three to four bedroom apartments. However, the options in Istanbul reach well beyond simple apartments and your average suburban style house.

As Turkey is located along the Bosphorus Strait, the best properties take full advantage of the Bosphorus and the view it affords. The yali, or a traditional wooden house located directly on the sea-side, is one favorable option for residents of Turkey. Articulately depicted in novels, such as nobel prize in literature winner Orhan Pamuk for his book “Istanbul”, and historical texts going back to the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, Yalis take a front seat in property attraction. Scorching weather in the summers affords great lazy afternoons for swimming and barbecuing with a constantly moving view in the backdrop.

Beyond Yalis, Turkey as transformed its housing sector into one tailored to capacity. With high-rises popping up along the skyline every time you look towards the north, apartments have become classier and more luxurious. Famous malls such as Zorlu have been built around these areas and afford residents all the shopping and entertainment they could ask for. The district Levent is becoming an international finance hub attracting companies and investors globally. Around this area you will find some of the nicest and priciest apartment complexes.

Another unique property investment opportunity in Istanbul is on the Princes Islands (adalar). There you will find consecutive islands with hourly ferries taking the public to and from these gorgeous oases in the city. Old wooden mansions line the seaside, while horseback and bikes line the streets as automobiles are not allowed, the islands provide the perfect reprieve of what one call the “chaos” in Istanbul. They are quiet and offer the best seafood in town. With regulations against development, these islands have sustained their old-world quality while still offering properties with modern interiors and the exquisite aesthetic our clientele seeks out.