Perfect Balance in Bahcesehir

Perfect Balance in Bahcesehir

Istanbul houses districts for all residents, and Bahcesehir, on Istanbul’s European-side, combines ideal location with a quieter, more residential setting that attracts families and business professionals. While not directly in the city centre, this western suburb is 35 km from Taksim square and in close proximity of Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

Getting from A to B in Istanbul was never meant to be done with ease, considering Istanbul has some of the world’s most dense traffic. However, with nothing more than a little planning ahead, Bahcesehir offers a reasonable location when locating either the business centre of Levent or the even when in pursuit of the Bosphorus’ fetching views. If you intend to approach public transportation from Bahceshehir, there are any number of convenient ways to get to the city-centre or surrounding areas. From the Metrobus or network of local buses and underground metro, Bahcesehir is accessible with ease.

This affordable suburban district has the aura of a luxurious community while affording optimal locational convenience. Fair housing prices draw a variety of residents such as families and foreign or local professionals with up and coming careers.

Luxury apartments in Bahcesehir range from TL 200,000 to TL 350,000 depending on square footage and the extent of lifestyle that you wish to live in.

No need to worry, distance to the numerous sprawling urban districts is of no difficulty. From the night life of Taksim, Cihangir and Beyoglu to glamorous seaside dining and clubbing areas such as Bebek and Ortakoy, this neighborhood offers transportational convenience for all of Istanbul’s preeminent pleasures. With green parks and top quality school system, aspiring to a diverse quality of life is exactly what residents expect and get when living in Bahcesehir.