Living in Macka

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Real estate in Istanbul varies drastically from district to district and even within neighborhoods or quarters within the vast city. One neighborhood in which we offer prime real estate is Macka, a luxurious, city-center neighborhood on the European side of the city. Just a stones throw away from the tourist thoroughfare Istiklal street, and positioned directly next to Nisantasi, Macka gives residents the feeling that they are always in the loop, never removed from the goings-on of this thriving metropolis.

Just far enough from the hustle and bustle of tourist-centric Istanbul, Macka affords residents peace of mind and good company. Prestigious Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has a campus in the neighborhood and is otherwise comprised of old-Istanbul architecture and green lush parks.

With a location in the heart of Istanbul, real estate his a hot object for all high-end buyers. Villas, apartment-style housing and houses themselves are options in the neighborhood. Prices vary accordingly, but without fail, each residence option offers Istanbul’s finest aesthetic and community feel. Strolling down the hill to the Bosphorus seaside or up to Nisantasi and Taksim Square, there is no shortage of lavish destinations when looking for a brief change of scenery.

School systems near by are the best in Istanbul, so raising a family in such a city-centre would not provide any difficulties at all. For your international businessman as well, Macka offers an ideal location and atmosphere ensuring you won’t be too far from any important engagements.

Macka offers a diverse real estate market and we are here to assist you in finding the premier location for your next residence.