Istanbul Old and New

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Istanbul has been gaining international reputability over the last 20 years amongst both the business community and tourist industries. Ranked one of the top visited and most sought after tourist destinations in the world, Istanbul offers ancient sites and attractions spanning numerous empires from the Byzantines to the Ottomans. Beyond its rich history, Istanbul has been a pool of foreign investment with its rising business sector and rapid urban development.

Urban development in Turkey has taken shape both in infrastructural development as well as trade investments in the textile sector and energy sector. Under former Prime Minster and current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Istanbul has borne witness to a distinct age of regional awareness and engagement.

Particular projects taken since 2002 include the building of a third bridge over the Bosphorus intending to reduce traffic congestion through the cities center, a tunnel under the Bosphorus connecting two continents via the metro, and the recent commencement of the third bridge project. Each project lays the groundwork for a profitable future and increase in value for your property.

Purchasing property in Istanbul is at a ripe time with some of the most sought after districts offering affordable prices with a favorable future values. Recent investments in the energy sector, such as a pipeline siphoning Caspian Sea natural gas from Azerbaijan to Italy will offer more potential for Turkey’s domestic growth as a significant portion of the gas will be allotted for Turkey. In Istanbul, these means more energy supplies and great potential for future investments both in business and property.

Your residence prospect is just around the corner and will offer a lifetime of returns, both in living quality and sustainability.