Crossing Continents

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Istanbul is renowned for bridging two continents, that of Europe and Asia. This dichotomy acts more as an image of unprecedented cooperation tying together the East and West than any real concrete or physical alteration. But this belief in brining together the North and South, developed and the developing, engages an idea of the future: one that is globalized and flat, where members of all Societies seek acceptance.

This is why we offer multilingual assistance residence. Engaging the International Community must get used to is something Istanbul and will benefit from simply with time. As the cross roads for Europe and the West into the Near East and beyond, Istanbul holds unique opportunities for Corporations looking to invest in the future and even for families to benefit from the cultural tradition and masturbation of new-age artistic achievement and progressive ideas in the humanities.

Buying properties in Europe versus Asia alters very little, as both sides of the Bosphorus views and stylish luxury housing opportunities fetching afford. On the Anatolian side, areas such as fashion, Uskudar, Bostanci or Caddebostan offer both potential and a wide-variety of housing apartments. With one of Turkey’s most famous shopping thoroughfares, Bagahdat Cadessi, you will find all the most renowned international brands. And even better, just a block away there is a long stretch of seaside park with a perfectly green and gorgeous views of the Princes islands. This area is family friendly and ensures peace of mind if you want some calm in the chaos that Istanbul is so well known for.

Comparitavely, the Anatolian side is a little removed from the night life of Taksim Square and the business hub of Levent, but with recent transportation Investments such as the Marmaray tunnel, transportation has never been Easier.

Just think, you could be crossing the continent in no time from your international business career to a homey, comfortable neighborhood with more space and solitude than the hustle and bustle of Europe.