Chris Heller says there is a big demand for real estate in Istanbul

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Chris Heller, real estate marketing expert and the president of Keller Williams Worldwide, said that there is a big demand for real estate in Turkey especially in Istanbul.

One of the important persons of real estate marketing sector, Chris Heller evaluated the Turkish real estate market.

House sales record holder in U.S., he highlighted that there is not a problem to sale house in Turkey despite high housing prices.

Big demand from Russia

Heller claimed that house prices increase due to demands from different countries of the world.

“There are demands from Russia, Asia. Especially home for sale in Istanbul is a very attractive place. We think that high prices in housing sector are due to demands for Turkey,”

‘US economy is recovering’

Heller also talked about housing sector in US, and said that prices have been increasing for last two years.

“We saw a recovery after crisis period. Now, there are more buyers and sellers in the sector. We do not expect a rapid change on the prices. However, prices increase gradually.”