Bosphorus Front Properties in Istiniye

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If you are looking for the perfect balance between convenience, luxury and family friendly solitude in your new Istanbul residence, then Istiniye is the district for you. Located up a rising hill from a little cove along the Bosphorus Strait just beyond the second bridge crossing continents from Asia to Europe, Istiniye offers the perfect versatile residence.

Along the cove, there are wonderful seafood restaurants that tailor to a high-class clientele that like experimental cuisines while using local fare. Whether strolling along for a cay or looking to take your dog for a walk along the green space that lines the sea-front, Istiniye offers spectacular views that can seldom be found anywhere else along the Bosphorus.

Furthermore, the surrounding community in Istiniye is wildly attractive. Without the larger business buildings that can prove overwhelming, Istiniye is home to a variety of consulate missions and international organizations that enjoy themselves the relaxed vibe and employment of nature in designing the fabric of the district.

Istiniye is just far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of areas like Levent or Taksim Square that you can enjoy your peace of mind. Nevertheless, there are still quick routes with views along the city that pass by century old castles to get to the main metropolitan thoroughfares.

For your family, this district is the ideal option. You can find full houses that afford the comfort of solitude and space for children to grown and parents to keep their space. There are also high end apartment complexes that don’t reach beyond seven floors, but still keep the panoramic views of the Bosphorus. On the cheaper side, an apartment affords the ability to easily access your business districts while keeping your composure along the calm Bosphorus during the evening.